Tuesday, January 31, 2012

spy vs. spy

Sometime I like to stroll the Drive disguised as a Russian princess.
xo cm


mmmmm BC rolls.
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papa turned 40!

I know you can't see me in these shots...but I was asleep right behind that wall! For the whole party! I love that last shot of papa because it looks like he's doing his bear impersonation (my favourite).
happy birthday papa.
I love you. xo cm

maplewood farms

Nana, mama & papa took me to meet some animals today. The cows were my favourite...or was it the miniature pony? Hmm.
xo cm

christmas 2011

Here are a few shots of my first "real" Christmas. I had a blast. Everyone sang Jingle Bells for me on demand as I played my bells and danced. I got more gifts than everyone else combined (not sure how I swung that)!
xo cm

my 1st birthday

Everyone came out to celebrate my 1st birthday: Auntie Em & Uncle Brian came from Toronto, Unka Jessie (aka Auntie Jess) came from Montreal, Nana & Grandpa came from Victoria and of course Auntie Laura was there too. I have to say that the favourite part for me was my tiger helium balloon!
xo cm


Here are some highlights from my first trip abroad. I was a champion traveler! We flew to Sydney and then drove up the coast to Byron Bay to go to a wedding. I met lots of mama's friends from Australia. I had no idea I loved swimming so much!
xo cm

the drive

Going for a stroll on the Drive with mama & papa...and my new toque!
xo cm

learning to walk

and I still need much assistance.
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me & mama

Wow, my mama should knew how to make some ridiculous faces when she was my size.
xo cm

slow n easy

Just a little chillaxin' with the family.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

squamish live

Here I am at my 1st outdoor music festival...with my stylish ear muffs to protect my ear drums. The Stars were my favourite band.
xo cm


Here I am on my 1st (and 2nd) gondola ride.  Mama's friend Steph was here visiting from Toronto with her fiance Jordan and we did some sight seeing. Turns out I love heights.
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